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Welcome to the Minieri Memo Marketing Guide, your source for modern marketing tips, trends and data. You'll find interesting articles and advice about marketing, business, and entrepreneurship from Minieri & Company CEO Thomas Minieri as well as fellow Young Entrepreneur Council members ( Take a look and let us know if you have questions or comments. Enjoy!

Think Your Employee Is Looking For A New Job? Here's What To Do!

Smart leaders know that they won’t be able to retain their employees forever. Many managers wonder what the right course of action is in this situation. Do you confront the employee and fight to keep them, or pretend you don’t know and let them keep looking? Minieri & Company CEO Thomas Minieri and fellow Young Entrepreneur Council members weigh in with their opinions.

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12 Questions to Ask Potential Clients About Their Needs

Finding a customer is hard work. Asking some of these questions may make it easier to find and keep them. Check out our July 2018 article featuring Minieri & Company CEO Thomas Minieri and fellow members! 

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How to Scale a Service Based Business by

Scaling a service based business in particular is tricky. Many try to scale but then crash as they outpace their own growth. Thomas Minieri & fellow YEC members offer tips!

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9 Questions Your Team Should be Asking Customers

It turns out your customers hold the keys to improving your product or service. Get some great insight from Thomas Minieri and fellow entrepreneurs!

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13 Benefits Your Startup Can Offer Potential Employees

Working for a startup can be fun and it can also be terrifying.  13 YEC entrepreneurs tell which benefits they offer employees that go beyond standard startup perks.

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10 Signs You Are Relying Too Heavy on Technology

Check out this helpful article from Thomas Minieri and fellow Young Entrepreneur Council ( members about your dependence on technology!

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